Our fellows are working on research in these areas:

  • Rapidly progressive osteoarthritis of the hip after steroid injection
  • Safety profile of duramorph intrathecal injections in arthroplasty
  • Readmission rates after arthroplasty
  • Prophylactic proximal femur wiring and periprosthetic fracture
  • Acoustic emission testing in arthroplasty
  • Biomarkers and periprosthetic joint infection
  • Vitamin D and osteoarthritis
  • Duramorph intrathecal injection versus periarticular joint cocktail
  • Nanosensor guided Total Knee Arthroplasty vs. traditional methods in both primary and revision TKA
  • Computed tomography rotational profiles of modern TKA implants

Fellows in the Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University are required to complete one clinical and one basic science research project during the year. Fellows are also responsible for collecting data for the joint registry database and are encouraged to submit abstracts for the Joint Arthroplasty Fellows’ Conference.

As a fellow, you may participate in existing research projects. Up to $10,000 in start-up funding for new projects may be available from the VCU School of Medicine.

Orthopaedic research laboratory

The orthopaedic research laboratory includes a biomechanic and molecular biology unit, each with a full-time technician or volunteer. These facilities and their staff are available to fellows with approved research projects.


The three-laboratory biomechanics unit is 3,000 square feet and includes materials testing stations, finite element analysis equipment and a laboratory at the McGuire Veteran Affairs Medical Center focused on cartilage growth.

It is directed by Jennifer Wayne, Ph.D., whose research includes the function of articular cartilage, ligament and tendon mechanics, biomechanics of joint and structural stability of fixation constructs.

Molecular biology

The two-laboratory molecular unit is 1,200 square feet and includes facilities for tissue culture and storage including archival storage freezers, cryostats, hoods and incubation facilities, PCR machines, protein and nucleic acid chromatography, and electrophoresis machines.

Research collaboration

We actively collaborate on research projects with the other VCU leaders in areas including: